Vise #26

This vise was made at the same time of vise# 24 and #25.

The rotation action are the same and each vise helped solve the problems encountered with each other.

Marble base laminated to aluminum.

Brass and ebony wood components.

360 degree rotation with a pitch control.

8″x 11″x 9″

[ 12/09/2017 08:07 am ]

Hi! Very excellent vise, how much for the #26 vise?

Kindly regards


Marcus Henry
[ 14/01/2018 01:36 am ]

Your work is amazing. To tie on something this beautiful and functional must be amazing. My HMH seems so boring now.

  • Ellen Lawson
    [ 31/03/2018 09:13 pm ]

    Marcus, Thanks for your wonderful comments!