About Me




Born in Idaho and raised in Northern California, I was introduced to the mountains at an early age. I remember my first Brook trout at Mineral King, in the Southern Sierras, which set the tone for my love of the outdoors. I was the youngest son of four boys and our family spent many days in the field hunting and fishing.

Born from the desire to have a project with my father, a retired machinist, vise art began. He said “What for? You already have one,” an older Thompson model. The gauntlet was thrown. The first one leapt into the second one, then finally the third. Which was absolutely going to be my last. Each one evolved from the one prior as I saw new paths and played with new materials.

I have now designed and fabricated over 50 vises. Each one is unique. With pieces cut from raw material, sanded, polished and engraved by me. Ebony, walnut, maple, oak, cherry and purple heart, are woods I’ve used. Brass, steel, aluminum, titanium, gold, silver, marble, onyx and granite complete the metals and stone involved.

Why do vises? Because I love fly fishing and my dad had all the skills of a machinist which seemed the perfect joint venture. Also because any available vise is strictly machine made and I saw the creative possibilities in making my own vise art as limitless. Each vise has personal, individual meaning.

Why keep going? To build a never before seen vise. To create something that is fresh, new, inspiring and yet functional for those people, like myself who enjoy all aspects of fly fishing.

In addition to vises, I create unique guitar stands, benches, garden art, fountains and more, many from reclaimed materials.  I also work with Ellen Lawson. You can see our collaborative work at marloandellen.com/.

riverheaderFeel free to contact me and ask me anything. I enjoy talking about vises and art as well as fly fishing!

Fish on!    Marlo DiPietro