Vise #29 “Piscator”

Piscator  -Latin РFisherman

Simple design with simple components.

Small and compact.

360 degree rotation with a pitch control.

Steel base with brass.

4″x 7″x 8″

[ 16/04/2017 04:41 am ]

I met you at the Pleasanton show, I’m the manager of the California Fly Shop in San Carlos. I’m not really sure what words would do your vise designs justice to describe their unique qualities. One thing I can see is that this is something you have a passion for and your inspirations are conveyed into your work. I’m not sure that I’d ever be able to afford one of your works of art but I would love to. I certainly hope those that are fortunate enough to own one uses them as they were designed to be and aren’t just beautiful displays. The jaws on the piscator are one of my favorite designs, something that a handmade salmon hook would be perfect for or any hooks for that matter.

Shawn Reese

  • Ellen Lawson
    [ 31/03/2018 09:44 pm ]

    Sorry for the delay Shawn! I’m still learning WordPress and just now saw this. I remember our meeting. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for looking. I had a booth at the Pleasanton Fly Show several years ago and may do that again. I hope to see you in the future.